California Cottage, The Before & After

Let's get straight to it, California is stupid expensive. Who knew, nearly a million dollars wouldn't even buy you a fully functioning kitchen sink. 

My now husband and I naively stood in the living room of this house and said, "It's so cute, we can fix it!" Famous last words. Some days that day feels like yesterday and others it seems like a decade ago. Oh, and did I mention, it was a short sale? Ugh, however, there are pros and cons to everything! Our real estate agent was God sent! There is no way we would have this house without her.

So much as changed since we started on this journey. I am forever grateful for the career opportunities that led us on this path. For us, 2019 is a year of focusing on what matters most in life! It's time to part ways with our California Cottage and move back to our roots. 

Over the next few months, I will revisit the journey renovating our California home as well as document our NEW journey! Our new journey will consist of building a home, creating a studio/workshop, & opening our first Brick and Mortar store. 

I am so excited to share this journey with all of you! More to come! Stay tuned! 

The California Cottage The Before Images

The California Cottage Exterior Photos

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  • Hello, I was just doing my browsing this afternoon looking at blogs and your Calf.cottage just caught my eye… Such a wonderful and stunning transfermation you folks did! Wow so talented.
    Best of luck in going back to your roots and building a home for yourselves!
    You certainly know how to make a cottage a beautiful sanctuary.
    Cindy Madore- Florida

    • Cindy Madore
  • Megan I am so happy for you and Brock. I hope your roots mean what I think it does. I am so disappointed that I never was able to come down and see your home in California. I miss seeing both of you and look forward to seeing you in your new home. Best of luck to both of you and God bless you.

    • Aunt Peggy